This week, we proudly released the release of SEBLOD version 2.0 GA, which is a stable version that can be used in production environments.  This milestone is the culmination of more than 3 years of work.  Our goal has been to deliver a professional tool that assists in building websites with Joomla.

There is so much to say about this release.  In future blog posts, I will get into much more detail.  But here, let me try to answer the question – What is most important about the GA?

Is it the fact that this is a stable version? Of course, that is important. Is it that SEBLOD is much more than just a CCK, and that it is designed to be the first manufacturer web application? Yes, this is also important. How about the new multi-sites feature, which allows the management of several sites from a single SEBLOD admin area?  This is definitely exciting! Then there is the assisted design, made possible through SEBLOD's CCK template framework. This is worthy of attention. Everyone can judge for themselves which part of SEBLOD 2.0 is most important, or you can say all of this is equally important!  That's the beauty of SEBLOD. It allows you to shape your website your way.

Often, behind a great breakthrough there is another one. We have just learned that Joomla CMS was voted best open-source CMS for 2011 (http://www.packtpub.com/open-source-awards-home). Congratulations to the entire Joomla community.  Maybe soon we will have Oscars for Best CCK?  (Soon, we will publish a blog post dedicated to Drupal CCK and SEBLOD).


Our team has a couple of core objectives with SEBLOD.

Objective 1:
Reduce development time of websites and advanced web applications, even ones that are very advanced. This first objective is for web professionals. With SEBLOD, professionals can develop an application for one client, then easily customize that application for other clients in many other sites and share or sell that application!

Objective 2:
Help developers create advanced “ready-to-use” Web Apps like Blogs, Wikis, Comments, Real Estate apps, and many more. Then popularize the use of these apps, while providing the user with flexibility and incredible development since the app is fully customizable and scalable with SEBLOD.

But the release of 2.0 GA is just the beginning of a new area. We plan to publish a GA version 2.1, which will add 2 or 3 missing elements and fix a few possible errors. We invite you to use the tracker: http://www.SEBLOD.com/support/tracker.html. And by the way, the tracker is itself an example of what can be done with SEBLOD 2.0!


Here is a brief overview of the milestones for 2.0 GA:


The interfaces of the GA version are finalized.  It is no longer necessary to refresh the page after adding a field.  Your field is immediately assigned after you create it.

In terms of code and interaction, the interface of SEBLOD is very complex, but there are a number of features that simplify your life.  For example, it is now easy to drag and drop a field at the bottom of a list of 80 fields at the top by using arrow buttons.  Even if you scroll to the bottom of a long list of fields, the drag-and-drop features will work, since they stay in place while scrolling. As we finalized the interface, our goal was to accomplish ergonomic goals (access to all information in one or two clicks), to improve scalability (deal with large numbers of fields in different configurations), and to offer many other professional features.



Many Joomla users have requested a multi-site solution in Joomla itself.  Until now, getting such capabilities in Joomla involved hacks or other solutions that are too difficult to implement.  Using  SEBLOD 2.0, proper multi-site management is now possible in Joomla.  We accomplished this with a light and simple solution based on a single instance of Joomla, a single database, no replication table, and of course no change in Joomla's core.

The Joomla ACL came to our rescue.  We were very pleased at the ease of implementation of this solution. You can now manage multiple Joomla sites with a single Joomla, have an administrative interface for each site, present different graphics and functions on each site, and share content across all the sites.

We invite you to read the first version of the literature on multi-site:
Overview: http://www.SEBLOD.com/support/documentation/SEBLOD-2x/multi-sites/1831-overview.html
Multi-site: http://www.SEBLOD.com/support/documentation/SEBLOD-2x/multi-sites.html


Conditionnal Fields

We have added the ability trigger the display of one field when a value in another field is set a certain way. For example, you can present a question that only appears if someone answers a previous question in a certain way (useful in a quiz).  The system of conditional fields is a complete system designed to provide generic solutions, and also to support future developments.

We invite you to read the first version of the literature on conditionnal fields:



Plugin Development

We have a series of SEBLOD plugins (field plugin, typo plugin, plugin validation rule, plugin storage, and more). We now have a newcomer: the link plugin. It provides the ability for users to add a link to any value of a field. For example, you could create a link between an “intro” view and a “full content” view, a link to edit the content, a link to a search, and more.

SEBLOD's plugin system is very practical. We have plans to see many more plugins develop and become available to SEBLOD users in the future.


Import / Export Application

The import / export application allows users to package their SEBLOD content types (search types, templates, fields, plugins....) as installable apps. This feature is very important, but we won't talk too much about it right now.. as there are a few processes that are not fully implemented (especially related to the multiple field's storage possibilities..). The missing part will be included in upcoming version (2.1).


A Note Of Thanks

SEBLOD GA would not be here without the tremendous work of the Octopoos team and hyper active participation of team members in the SEBLOD Testing, Documentation, and Community teams, as well as our forum Moderators.  SEBLOD has in its heart a small portion of each of these contributors.



The site has been updated. It now has:
• A SEBLOD Tracker App
• A SEBLOD Documentation App
• A SEBLOD Blog App
• A SEBLOD Video App
Once registered, you can submit an item in the tracker, a video, or a blog post. Documentation is not open to the public as the documentation team has not completed the first version.


Now it's time to try and use SEBLOD stable version (GA). We hope you enjoy and look forward to your feedback.

Download SEBLOD 2.0 GA: http://www.SEBLOD.com/download.html
Read Changelog: http://www.SEBLOD.com/support/documentation/SEBLOD-2x/changelog/1799-ga-from-rc3-111111.html


The 2.0.GA packages have just been updated, so please download it/them again to be sure to get the latest package(s). Upgrade and Enjoy !.


11 November 2011

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