This release completes support for SEBLOD Add-ons and plugins. Discover and download the Beta version of the Add-on "Importer" to Seblod 2.x and the Add-on "Web Services" for Seblod 1.x. The integration and coexistence between Joomla and SEBLOD was greatly improved. Complete presentation of this version:

In the range of extensions related to SEBLOD, the Add-on is a Joomla component related to SEBLOD. Other Add-on will be launched in 2012, especially on e-commerce, development tools ...


Customize the level of integration

Now customize the level of integration between Joomla and SEBLOD. The simultaneous use of items, categories, users only managed by Joomla, coexists perfectly with the use of more sophisticated contents via SEBLOD content types. To enable this type of operation look in the general configuration of SEBLOD at the tab "Integration."


"Inherit" will respect what it is. If it's a Joomla article, you will edit it with the Joomla interface. If it's a SEBLOD content, you will edit it with SEBLOD interface.

Also in the general configuration on "Site" tab, select the default lightbox style (in a list of 5), or add your own style "media / cck / scrips / jquery-colorbox / styles /" or simply add and proper CSS or JS code on your site.


SEBLOD Importer for SEBLOD 2.x

The first add-on for SEBLOD 2.x, released in Beta version, provides the importation of SEBLOD contents by using a CSV file. You choose the content type applied to imported contents. For example, import your recipes or products from a CSV file.

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WebServices Add-on for SEBLOD 1.x (Export)

The first and only add-on for Joomla 1.5 and SEBLOD 1.x is released in Beta version. It will remain in beta and will not be updated. This add-on was developed at major projects to ensure such a bridge between SAP ERP and Joomla.

We publish it to ensure the export of data in Seblod 1.x since Joomla 1.5. It can also be used to export the items and categories of Joomla 1.5.

But in view of its name, you understand that it is much more:

  • SOAP + WSDL: Import or Export Joomla articles / categories from / to a WebService using SOAP / WSDL protocol.
  • HTTP: Import Joomla articles / categories from a CSV file via HTTP protocol, HTTP address needed.
  • FTP: Import Joomla articles / categories from a CSV file via FTP protocol, protected by password.
  • Local: Import Joomla articles / categories from a CSV file.
    • Method 1: upload a CSV.
    • Method 2, using an Existing CSV file (from the server).
  • Joomla Database: Export Joomla articles / categories from current database Into a CSV file ... Selecting parent by Category (ies) Content Type (s) or Both.

In the case of the use of WSDL with SOAP, this add-on has the ability to generate on the fly PHP class resulting from the analysis of a WSDL file. When creating a task, the selection of a class allows the execution of an action through the web service. Learn more about SOAP ( or WSDL (

We are actively working on an add-on more powerful and fully oriented Web Services Using SEBLOD 2.x or not. This tool allows you to use particular research capacities of SEBLOD directly on data collected by web services. The management of a protocol or a WebServices API is provided by a plugin system.

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"SEB BLOG" Template

The "seb_blog" template is now more advanced than the Joomla "Blog" view by offering this type of display:



It incorporates a notion of positions: 'Top, Middle, Bottom" for advanced management of highlighted contents in combinaison with column number.



Menu Links

"Form & Content Type" and "List & Search Type" menu links have been improved. Customize the display order by using any field directly from your "List & Search" menu link. The default settings of these links are configurable in the configuration options of the content type or search type. Example on a "List & Search Type":



Plugin typo HTML

Plugin typo HTML used to style quickly and easily the values of your fields, uses a new syntax more flexible and complete and may offer to refer other fields from the content type. Example, add easily the creation date on the left of the title and the author name on the right of the title. Example of syntax:

$ cck-> getValue (myfield-1) : $ cck-> getTypo (myfield-2)

If you want only certain fields in the HTML plugin typo and not display these fields as such: add these fields in a position and assign to this position the variation called "clear".


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18 January 2012

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