This version includes a security update. We kindly ask you to update as soon as possible.
You will also discover another step toward growing a tool for professionals with automatic backup and regular work with SEBLOD...

Caution! About the Joomla fix to do before an update (read the changelog for more details).


The documentation is developing and growing, even if the form is not there yet, the content starts to be there. So for simplicity, you will find directly in the SEBLOD interface, particularly on field edition interface, a link to the online documentation "HOW TO SETUP A FIELD":how-setup-field-save-new


This is already true for Upload Image, Upload File, Email, FieldX, Checkbox, Radio. For developers: this link is directly define in the plugin.

There are also two new buttons on the editing interface of your fields, buttons "Save" and "Save & New" (same operation as for Joomla).

Thank you again for the active participation of the whole community to the documentation.

Small bonus for the community, download the PDF documentation of the content management with SEBLOD. You will see it's near Joomla!

Some others are following...


Multiple User Profile

Management and registration of different user profiles is now fully operational. Example: an inscription dedicated to a user of SEBLOD CCK, an inscription dedicated to professional of SEBLOD CCK, an inscription dedicated to expert of SEBLOD CCK...

You can assign the Joomla user group of your choice to each profile. The group assigned by default is define in the general configuration of Joomla.


Natively Compatible with "Smart Search" (Finder).

Yes, yes and it works very well. Firstly a big thanks you for implementing this new component natively in Joomla 2.5. If you do not know it yet, try it! You will be amazed!

Since SEBLOD can use the same views as Joomla (view article, view blog...), it is natively compatible with Smart Search. However we have added some features like automatic indexing to the submission of SEBLOD content, the same way as an article for Joomla.


"Versions" feature added for Content/Search Types.

As we let you hear the beginning of this article, you will be pleased to be able to save your work, namely, Form & Content Type and List & Search Type.

If you're wondering why, here are the answers. SEBLOD is more than a CCK, it's a professional tool for creating Web Apps. Applications can quickly become very complex depending on your needs, so imagine the comfort and security by saving them regularly and returning to any version in one click!


To revert to an older version, click the icon between the checkbox and title.

In the general configuration of SEBLOD, at the tab "component" you will find the following parameters:




SEBLOD & Octopoos (editor of Seblod) are pleased to announce their presence as a sponsor of the French Joomladay this weekend and also during the largest international event for the Joomla world: the J and Beyond.

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22 March 2012

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