SEBLOD 2.0 RC3 for Joomla 1.7 !


RC3 is ready. It requires attention, self-help and innovation. This release is a big step towards the stable version (GA) planned for release in October.

Grab your own copy of SEBLOD RC3 and take it for a spin.

RC3 is only for Joomla 1.7. If you wish to continue using Joomla 1.6 (at your own risk, security issue), please use SEBLOD RC2.


Search Types

Many improvements have been made with regards to search types. We added 'Order', 'List' and 'Item' Clients. The 'Order' client allows you to order your results by any criteria (fields) in the direction up or down. The 'List' client is used to control the full display of your list. The 'Item' client is used to control the display of each individual item in a list.



The search results can be listed in a blog view or a table view. If you do not select a template list, results will be listed one below the other using the intro view of the content type. By selecting the new template 'seb_blog', the 'Item' client is activated and you can specify the fields you want to show specifically for this search type. By selecting the new template 'seb_table' the 'List' client is activated and positions appear. Each position corresponds to a column in your table.
'seb_blog' and 'seb_table' are being further enhanced. 'seb_blog' will reproduce all the options of a Joomla blog view, but with the power of SEBLOD search. With regards to the table templates, the tracker is using 'seb_table_grid' which is still in a testing phase.

seb table grid small

seb blog view small


It is now possible to use the search type to list articles as well as categories (almost operational for users and to list any type of content).

The List (Search) menu link and the List module are improved. In particular, you can change default values of a search criteria directly from the menu link or module window. This makes it very simple to use one search type to generate many pages sorted differently. The list of bugs (, please log you before) and the list of tasks (, please log you before) are managed with the same type of research. It simply states bug or task type in the menu link.


Multi-language system

The RC3 has a multi-language system based on the changes made to Joomla 1.7. It is based on the new native language system of Joomla 1.7 which maintains multiple trees, each in a different language. The activation of a parameter (JText) in the configuration of SEBLOD allows translations via .ini files for all CCK content including field select options...
The language system of Joomla 1.7 does not make any correspondence between the translations of the same content as opposed to systems like Joomfish on Joomla 1.5. This new system does however solve most multi-lingual problems.


Studio Style

A new version of the SEBLOD Studio style is available, it is named "Indigo Dye." It's an attractive intermediate between "Lagoon" and "Silver". The tooltip system used to validate fields in a form has been changed and validation options are now available on customer forms (admin form, site search form and form) to control the display of validation messages.


Field Plugins

Numerous changes have been made to the field plugins, including the email field, calendar, image and select dynamic field ... The image now has the ability to generate thumbnails on the fly (very useful in the process of site development) and a plugin typo 'image' added to select the thumbnail to display, depending on the view (intro, content, item etc) and apply a lightbox effect to it.

Due to high demand, we have added the 'author' plugin that allows you to dispaly an author profile for any content type. This plugin will take all author fields from the 'intro' view of your 'user' content type and display them.




For more information on RC3, please consult the change log (link) or even better use the version RC3 to view all modifications, because the changes are so numerous that we could not list them all.



New teams have been assembled around the SEBLOD project including the SEBLOD Tester Team who are very pleased to offer you SEBLOD tracker to track tasks, bugs and feature requests. This is a new feature available only to SEBLODIENS (after you log in). Thank you for your feedback via the comments of this task: .

A blog post will be published shortly to speak about improvements on and the new SEBLOD teams:

  • SEBLOD Tester Team : STT
  • SEBLOD Documentation Team : SDT
  • SEBLOD Forum Team: SFT
  • SEBLOD Translation Team : STR


What's next?

Seblod 2.0 is now in its first phase, namely the development of a tool for building applications (bug tracker, blog, download ...). The second phase concerns the publication of applications made with SEBLOD and will begin in October. The first phase is more for professionals to developers, the second is intended to benefit all users of the web.


We are very excited about the huge potential of SEBLOD 2.0. The community should take gradual knowledge of SEBLOD features. We are, after the past 2 years, about half way to achieving our ultimate goal (we keep the secret). We strongly believe that web applications are in their infancy. It is still very time consuming and expensive to develop specific applications (needed to meet the unique needs of our clients). SEBLOD wants to revolutionize the web development market by providing a generic solution to meet these specific needs.


We wish you much fun with this new version.

12 August 2011

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SEBLOD 2.0 RC3 for Joomla 1.7 !