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K2 have better performance than Seblod CCK ?
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TOPIC: K2 have better performance than Seblod CCK ?

K2 have better performance than Seblod CCK ? 3 years ago #1

  • ssnobben
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Comparing Seblod and K2.

I saw this comments coming from the JED on Joomla and from Fotis the dev of K2..

Steve_ 2012-01-02

Owner's Fotis reply

SEBLOD also depends on com_content, the Joomla! core article system. And this creates performance issues the least. K2 on the other hand is completely standalone as a component within Joomla! and has no other dependencies. This allow for more flexibility and better performance compared to any other "content" extension.

On a sidenote, we never say K2 is a "CCK" component. We always say it's a powerful "content" extension with CCK capabilities. Basically what 99,9% of users will ever need

Is this really true that k2 is have an performance edge over Seblod CCK ?
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Re: K2 have better performance than Seblod CCK ? 3 years ago #2

  • StreetDog
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K2 doesn't have 20% of Seblod's power, so I guess it would be fair to say it performs faster.

To give you a simple example, MS Paint is way lot faster than Photoshop, no argument there.
People can argue that MS Paint is more than enough for their needs, and I'd have to agree. If K2 is enough for you why go for something else?

From my personal experience with both systems I can tell you that K2 is very limited as a CCK, but it's not supposed to be one, right?

Re: K2 have better performance than Seblod CCK ? 3 years ago #3

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Also, keep in mind that Fotis is a well known promoter of his way of doing things. If the facts don't always completely line up, well no biggie

Basically what 99,9% of users will ever need

Did he take a poll? I guess only .1% of all users like to use 8,000+ Joomla extensions on their site, change the user profile or registration forms, create a filterable search of content, have more then a few cck fields, fully customizable admin and forms and a unified back end user interface, etc.

I don't know about performance, but I think the difference is negligible if the site isn't huge (less than 1000s of articles/categories). Even if it is big, I can't confirm anything but I've heard the Seblod guys say that the Search Type can perform very well on large sites. Also with any website, having the right server and server configuration is always going to be an important factor, probably much more so than K2 vs. Seblod.
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