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Alain Milliat eCommerce
Powerered by SEBLOD eCommerce

Today, we are going to highlight one of our latest website at Octopoos:

The Company:
Alain Milliat produces in a traditional home-style manner: premium fruit juices, nectars, jams and fruit purees, that are characterised by authentic and natural flavours. Focussing on high quality raw materials in order to get the best juices/nectars, his products are now used in hotels & gastronomic restaurants all over the world such as Paris, New York or even Tokyo.
And, you've guessed what..? he decided to open an online store.

The Website:
Alain Milliat's online store tries to combine both a look and usability to reflect (as mush as possible) the high end products created by its company. The site comes with a minimalist & flat design, which aims to give a quick and easy shopping experience to Alain Milliat's customers.
All products are showcased on a carousel, and get a clean product page including an ambient/background picture (only for desktops), Microdata, and "ready-to-purchased" related products. The whole site is fully responsive from mobile devices to widescreen displays.

On Tablets:


On Phones:


The Platform:

The website is powered by Joomla! 3 & SEBLOD 3.x, and the eCommerce features by SEBLOD eCommerce add-on.
Of course you guys have already seen SEBLOD eCommerce running on, but Alain Milliat is our first eCommerce site fully powered by SEBLOD.. in the "real world" !

As you know, the benefits are numerous in term of integration, flexibility, layouts..
Some of the key-features you may also notice:
  • Cart available for guests
  • Cart powered by AJAX
  • Multi-page Checkout

AJAX Cart Module:


Multi-page Checkout:


You'll find much more screenshots on the "Showcase" section of that will be published next week.

Feel free to visit, to taste some of his nectars (which are amazing!) and to give us your comments below.

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6 years ago
Great site!
Do you plan to release eCommerce add on and if so, when?

Looks great

6 years ago
Wow look great. Well done!
I would love to get my hands on the seblod e-commerce. I hope it will get public release very soon as have several projects that I would love to use it on!

Excellent work!

6 years ago
This is a beautiful site that shows the infinite possibility of Seblod!
Good luck to the team


6 years ago
Bravo guys. I love seeing the Seblod eCommerce plugin in action. Really eagerly anticipating it's release as I think it will completely revolutionize Joomla eCommerce-based sites forever. Well done!


6 years ago
That's absolutelly fantastic. eCommerce solution with seblod is exactly what I was waiting for!! When it will be available?

Great addon for Seblod!

6 years ago
Great addon for Seblod!