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I understand
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2 months ago

Hello Everybody!

I have a free table which contains 100000s+++ of rows.  I created a Content Type with fields linked to the free table.  This table will be managed from an outside source so the "normal" Joomla method of creating data will not happen with this particular content type.

I want to use SEBLOD to search the table and present the information as normal.

Its my understanding that we need to let the cck_core table know of the free table rows as stated by Viktor Iwan's tutorial.  Unfortunately the video is missing.

In this case, I think I need to "initialize" the core table from my custom table.  I am able to add NEW content as presented in the manual:Manipulating Content: Free Object.

Looking into the JCckContentFree object, there is an import method...

So the question is, what is the best way to initialize the core table?

Any ideas?


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2 months ago
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I think import works for importing items using importer from cvs datasheets, so I guess it is not usable in your case. 

To be able to work with custom table in seblod you also need a record in #__cck_core table - for each record in your table you need to insert a matching record with pk coulmn matching the id of your table. You can either write some script to do this periodically or in the best case, have outside source also create a record in it when record in your table is added.

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2 months ago
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Hey Klas!

thanks for the reply! 

I have also used the Importer on this project which does work very well.  But there are so many rows -  it takes a long time.  I think the importer is great for small imports.  I had to limit the csv files to 1000 records to help keep track and prevent time outs.  Each 1000 row file was taking between 10 min to just over an hour to import.  Midway through the project, there was a big change to the data so rather than running the import over, a direct table import seems much easier.  It only took about a minute to import the table from access to Mysql.  My thought is that it will be much easier for future management as well.

To add any new values to the #__cck_core table, so far I created a content type and using the BeforeStore to run the script.  I set up the content type on a menu item in the admin section.  Its not working yet, but that's the direction that I'm thinking.

My biggest concern at the moment is that the #__cck_core table will have so many rows. Do you know if that is a valid concern?



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