I have created a one page site, ready to be expanded upon when content available.
It uses Seblod 3.7.2 and Joomla 3.5.0 (soon to be 3.5.1)
It uses two custom templates jb_slicked_list and jb_slicked_minima, both on GitHub. They are based on Seblod's List, and Minima templates.    

The site features many instances of Slick Carousel. The contact form uses Slick to create a contact form Google style. The Sample files section uses Slick to filter the list results and load the files using AJAX. The site also uses Headroom.js and bootstrap-multiselect.
I have added spinning icons for when file is loading but it is not implemented  the 'good way'. 


Interested to see what you think


Display locations on a map


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