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1 year ago

I'd love to follow some topics in this forum (by receiving e-mail notifications). I noticed the bookmark on the right of a topic, but it doesn't appear to be working. Is it possible? Or do I have to react in a topic in order to receive notifications? TIA! 

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11 months ago
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Same here. Was about to post the same topic. Bookmark is not functional yet, right?! 

o.k. Adding bookmarks seem to work now.

1.) How do I remove an item from the bookmark list? How to distinguish between not-/bookmarked? Can it have a different color code? 

2.) What is this little checkmark icon below? It seems to be always visible?

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7 months ago
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Anyone using "bookmarks"? ;-)
I still have no clue how to manage/delete my bookmarks. I thought it might be a browser bug, so i tried different browsers. With no success or difference:

- Bookmarks can be added (without visual notice or color)
- Bookmarks can't be deleted
- There is a permanent checkmark icon on each topic? Does it belong to bookmarks?!

Thanks in advance.
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6 months ago
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hi pepperstreet,
i also find the behaviour of the bookmarks strange and i can't find a way to delete them - neither from the "manage your bookmarks" site nor from the topic-view.