You have created your first user and you want to assign them to one or more groups. In this article, we will create our first Joomla! user group with SEBLOD.

Creating your first Joomla! category with SEBLOD

On the administrator menu, click on "Users", "Groups" then "Add New Group" .
The interface that appears is a SEBLOD form for adding a Joomla! user group.
NOTE: a user group created by Joomla! native interface = a user group created by SEBLOD interface

Filling in the user group form

Now you can set a user group title (for example: "SEBLOD") and select a parent user group like "Registered".

Click on "save & close" after finishing your configuration.
You can still create standard Joomla! user group. For that, click on "Users" then the "Groups" menu links. You see all created groups.

In this context, to create a "standard Joomla! user group", you can click on button "new". A pop-up appears. In this pop-up, click on "click here" link.

The integration of SEBLOD with Joomla!

The creation of user groups with SEBLOD is seamlessly integrated with Joomla! user group manager. Look at how this integration works.
Click on "System" then "Global Configuration" menu links.

On the right side under "COMPONENT", click on "SEBLOD" then "Integration" panel.

To manage the creation of user groups, you have settings:

Add Button

Select "Dropdown" option to have a list under "new" button in the "User Group Manager" when you click on it select "Modal Box" option to have a popup when you click on "new" button in the "User Group Manager". In this case,
Select "Icon" option to have "User Group" icons as you can see in this image.
Select "List" option to have "User Group" item as you can see in the image.

Add Button (Alternative)

This option changes the positioning of the "or click here to create a Standard Joomla! Content" text when creating a user group. Select "above" or "below" options to keep the option of creating a user group with the native Joomla! form. Select "none" to remove this text completely.


This option adjusts which form you will get by default when you click "New" in the "Groups Manager". Select "Yes" to have the SEBLOD form, select "No" to get the Joomla! form by default.

Edit Link and Edit Link (Alternative)

These options are discussed in the tutorial "Editing a SEBLOD User Group".