By now you should have already created your first User Group using SEBLOD. This tutorial shows you how to use edit the User Group you have created using SEBLOD.
From the Joomla! control panel, go to the Groups Manager
In the Groups Manager you will have a list of all your previously created User Groups. To edit a User Group using SEBLOD, click on the User Group's title.

The form that the User Group opens in is the SEBLOD User Group form. We can now edit any aspect of the User Group that we want. I'm going to change the Group's Parent to "Registered".

Once you have finished editing, click "Save and Close"

Editing a SEBLOD User Group with the Standard Joomla! Form

To edit a User Group with the standard Joomla! form, click the Check box (1) and click the "Edit" button (2):

SEBLOD & Joomla! Integration Options for Editing Users

Now we'll look at how to change some of the integration options for editing Users. We do this in the Joomla! Global Configuration.

Click on System -> "Global Configuration"
Then, click on "SEBLOD" (1) and click on the "Integration" Tab (2) and click on Joomla! User (3)

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If "Auto" is selected, clicking the User Group title in the Groups manager will open the User Group with whatever form was initially used to create it. So, if you created the User Group with SEBLOD initially, it will open with SEBLOD. Otherwise, if you created the User Group as a "Standard Joomla! Content" it will open with Joomla!.

If you change this option to "Always with SEBLOD" it will open with SEBLOD when you click the User Group title regardless of whether the initial User Group was created as a Standard Joomla! Content or not.

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NOTE: This option does not have any functionality in Joomla 3.2. It's functionality will work when the drop down options are available in the User Manager.