SEBLOD 2.0 Release Candidate


You were waiting for it! It's here!

jSeblod CCK is SEBLOD. We sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as we were happy to build it. SEBLOD 2.0 is totally new, the Core is refactored & Whole code rewritten.

It focused on Flexibility and Simplicity, and maybe on Innovation!


It's only the RC 1, thank you for your indulgence!


We thank the community of Joomla and SEBLOD, especially your patience:) for your past and future contributions that make the SEBLOD project a reallity.


The SEBLOD website is new. It's the first part. During 3 months, we will open some new part of the website like Videos, Documentation, Showcase...


Enter in SEBLOD Interface World


Enter in SEBLOD Design World

Use all the powerful of the template framework.

Position of fields for Content Client:

Position of fields for Form Client:


Enter in SEBLOD Plugin World

SEBLOD plugin system allow the functional flexibility. Build or use SEBLOD plugin types:

  • Field Plugin: build form with many types of fields like text, link, image, groupX...
  • Validation Rule Plugin: create new rules to validate the value of a field
  • Typo Plugin: design field values
  • Live Value Plugin: prefill a field with any dynamic value, like prefill with  a user profil field (email, name...)
  • Storage Plugin: manage how data are saved, Standard table, JSON, Custom SEBLOD tags...
  • Location Storage: manage where data are saved, Article, Category, User, User Group, Message...


GroupX field example, Add, Delete, Drag 1 Drop, transition effect...:


Form Example

Build and design forms only by configuring some parameters.


Will continue...


24 April 2011

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SEBLOD 2.0 Release Candidate