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This article explains how to configure the add-on "SEBLOD Importer" of SEBLOD 2.x for the import of content in joomla 1.6.x, 1.7.x or more.

The import content is made from a CSV file

Access to the "SEBLOD Importer" add-on

This add-on is available in back-end by the menu link "components => SEBLOD 2.x => Importer".




Select an option in order to choose to import articles or categories from a CSV file according to the "article" or the "category" content types.

Then, select an option in order to choose the storage type for the "article" or "category" fields.

Content Type (Form)

Select an option in order to choose the content type of the imported content. This parameter lists all content types in your SEBLOD 2.x.
Be careful, be sure to check the correspondence between the fields of the chosen content type and the fields of a CSV file to import

Upload File

Select a CSV file which contains the articles or categories to import.


Select an option in order to choose the used character in CSV file for separating the fields of articles or categories to import.
  • option 1: , (comma),
  • option 2: ; (semicolon),
  • option 3: | (pipe).

Force UTF-8

Select an option in order to make sure to import the content with UTF-8 format to avoid encoding problems of characters.
  • option 1 (Yes): if your CSV file is not encoded in UTF-8. the import process force the encoding type.
  • option 2 (No): if your CSV file is encoded in UTF-8.
Before proceeding to import content make sure:
- that the categories ids in the import content matches the categories ids already exist in your website,
- that the names of fields in the imported content matches the fields names of the content type selected with the "Content Type (Form)" parameter,
- that the creation date, publish_up and publish down fields are formatted in the format "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss".
Due to the fact that joomla 1.7 is based on the "publish_up" field to order joomla articles, we strongly recommend to include this field in the CSV file to import.

Exemple of CSV file to import

In the example of this image, you have fields of joomla: id, title, alias, state, catid, created, modified, publish_up.
The required fields are: id, title and catid. If the id of your category is different to 131, you should change it in your CSV file.
The dates created, modified and publish_up are formatted in the format "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss".
SEBLOD - Mehdi
January 18, 2012
January 18, 2012

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