Built for those who build the web.

SEBLOD is a powerful content construction kit and web application builder
for the Joomla! Content Management System.

Key features

Complete Joomla integration

SEBLOD doesn't take your content and move it to a new component. All of your content items remain in the Joomla article manager.

Extension ecosystem

The SEBLOD store contains a full ecosystem of add-ons, plugins, templates and more that help you take SEBLOD further.

Get involved

The core of SEBLOD is hosted on GitHub so you can contribute and be involved in future developments.

Premium support

Through our VIP memberships and custom support packages, we offer premium access to qualified SEBLOD professionals.

Build web applications

SEBLOD goes beyond the functionality of just a Joomla Content Construction Kit to provide you with the tools to build powerful web applications.

Import and export content

Two powerful add-ons are available to help you import and export your content with ease.

Forms & Content Types

Edit existing Joomla forms

Take complete control of existing Joomla forms (Article, User, Category, User Group) by adding new fields or removing existing fields.

Create new content types

Create entirely new, custom content types with all of your own custom fields.

Contact forms

Compose a custom contact form with your own fields and send their contents to any email address by using the Send Email field.

All in the article manager

SEBLOD doesn't require you to move all your content to a new content manager. All of your content stays in the core Joomla! article manager.

Multi-page forms

SEBLOD makes multi-page forms easy allowing you to add multiple stages to your forms and store information at each step.

Validation, Computation and Conditional states

Add advanced functionality to your forms with validation rules, computation rules and conditional field states.

Search & List Types

Build your own search engine

Add your fields to a search form to build a custom search engine for your content.

Matching criteria

Choose from different matching criteria such as "exact", "each words", "does not equal" and more to construct your search functionality.

Dynamic content pages

Construct a pre-defined set of search filters and choose not to display the search form in order to display your content on a dynamic list page.

'Live' values

Pull contextual information - such as the currently logged in user's name or the id of the page you are viewing - to dynamically complete your search parameters.


Field types for any need

SEBLOD comes pre-packaged with over 25 different field types, with many more available on the SEBLOD store.

Multi-purpose fields save time

The fields you create and use to store content are re-purposed for use in your search forms, saving you time!

Custom storage options

Take complete control over how your information is stored in the database with custom storage options on every field.

Typography settings

Take complete control of the content output of your fields with easy-to-use typography settings.

ACL and workflow control

Restrict your fields to different user groups or different stages of your workflow (such as on submission or editing a content item).


Adaptive output for seamless integration

SEBLOD's output renders within your existing Joomla template in the Component placeholder position, or custom module positions.

Pre-built templates

Powerful, pre-made content templates are available in the SEBLOD core package and on SEBLOD.com to save you time.

Drag and drop templating

Take control of the layout of your content in our drag and drop editor.

Template overrides

Take even more control of your content layouts by making custom template overrides.


Multiple Sites, One Joomla!

Power multiple websites off the same Joomla! installation and a single Joomla database easily.

Different Domains or Sub-domains

SEBLOD multi-sites works with different domain names (URLs) or sub-domains, giving you flexibility over the appearance of your sites.

Share Content Between Sites

Since you're harnessing the power of multiple websites off the same Joomla! database, you're able to easily share content between your sites.

Utilize Joomla Access Level Controls

SEBLOD multi-sites functionality utilizes Joomla's core Access Level Control features to manage the display of content on your separate multi-sites.

Ready-to-go User Access

SEBLOD sets you up with the User Groups, Access Levels and Users that you need for each individual site's administration.