SEBLOD is licensed under GNU GPL v2; images, CSS and JavaScript too. Be care SEBLOD is a international trademark and must be always written in uppercase. The SEBLOD logo is used under a limited license granted by Octopoos the trademark holder in France and other countries.
All SEBLOD products are GPL version 2.0 compliant and all their PHP files are also licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). But they can contain images, CSS and JavaScript files which are NOT published under the GPL. These files run independently and are accessed directly by the web browser with no processing by any PHP files. As such, these files are not covered by the GPL. They are released under the SEBLOD Proprietary Use License in accordance with our Terms of Use.

Here is a list of products which use the SEBLOD Proprietary Use License on images, CSS and JavaScript files:
  • SEBLOD Add-ons
  • SEBLOD Plugins
  • SEBLOD Templates
Any SEBLOD products modified or unmodified are not your property. You do not own them. They are property of their author.

Unauthorized Use

It is not permitted to put any non-GPL parts of our products in a modified or changed or even unmodified version on a disk, website, P2P and any other medium or use it for resale purposes. This means you are not allowed to set up our products for demonstration purposes to promote them to your customers. It is also not allowed to use screenshots of our product to promote them to your customers for resale purposes. Should you intend to do so you have to discuss and agree upon this with Octopoos in any case.

If a membership or purchase grants you unlimited site licenses of a SEBLOD product you are allowed to use the product in all your client projects but it does NOT allow the redistribution of the product in any form. Using a SEBLOD product for your client projects is only granted if you primarily sell your service to your client and not the product itself.


You are allowed to make any changes and modifications in products to adapt them to your needs. It is not permitted to change or remove the copyright information in the source code. This includes the XML descriptor file and all PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS files distributed with our products. Of course, any visual copyrights, can be removed.

However, you are not allowed to resale or redistribute these changes and modifications as GPL or other licenses. It is strictly prohibited to port SEBOD products to other platforms and content management systems.


It is not allowed to sub-license, assign, or transfer your licenses to anyone.

SEBLOD Proprietary Use License

The SEBLOD Proprietary Use License is a GPL compatible license that pertains only to the images, cascading style sheets and JavaScript elements of SEBLOD products produced by Octopoos. As stated by the GPL version 2.0 license, These elements of product that are not compiled together but are sent independently of GPL code, and combined in a client's browser, do not have to be GPL themselves. These images, cascading style sheets and JavaScript elements are copyright Octopoos and can be used and manipulated for your own or your clients purposes. You cannot redistribute these files as your own, or include them in a package or extension of your own without prior consent of Octopoos. 

Use of Content

Re-use of any graphics, icons or photos from SEBLOD website or the demo content for any purpose is strictly prohibited. The demo content is for demonstration purposes only.

If you have further questions please use the contact form.