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Hello, there seems to be an issue with the invoice download/access. Does it relate to the new billing infos? i.e. Entity field for company/individual and conditional VAT number.

BTW, I have updated this infos and wanted to try the difference and see the effect on the invoice. Why? Because none of the options really fit on my personal situation: I am a self-employed, a freelancer/artist. I don't have a regular VAT-ID#. Just a general german tax ID. So, actually I am a 1-person business, and I have to add VAT on my own bills. As far as I purchase something I would need an invoice + exposed VAT for deduction.

  1. So, what is the right setting for me? And what is the effect for the PDF invoice?
  2. I can't access the invoices anymore. (currently only free stuff) After clicking the PDF invoice I only get:

"Error You are not allowed to access this file."

Need some help?