111 Releases

SEBLOD 3.1.5 (2013-08-05)

# Autocomplete issue (Chromium) fixed. >> autocomplete="off" added on the form itself.
# "cck-clrfix" added (div class="cck_page") on Form/List component views.
# Tags issues fixed + updates for Joomla 3.1.5   [storage must be: standard|..|tags]

^ jQuery Sly (scrolling) script updated.   [back-end: please empty your cache]

SEBLOD 3.1.4 (2013-07-12)

+ Format (HTML/Plain Text) added on Email Field plug-in.

# Breadcrumbs issue fixed. (please use "Menu" as Pathway on Joomla! 3)
# Cropping issue fixed on Upload Image Field plug-in. (@adonay, @txusmi, @niels85.. thanks!)
# Redirection added for homepages on SEBLOD Multi-sites.

# Calendar consistency issue (admin/site form vs search form) fixed.
# Line Height issues (Label vs Value) fixed.
# Missing "Alternative Layout" parameter added on "Form", "List", and "Search" modules.
# Missing html/link/text (prepareContent) added on "JForm Menuitem" plug-in.
# Missing floating widths (.cck-w33f, .cck-w16f, ..) added in cck.responsive.css
# Quotes now escaped (confirm box) on Delete Link.
# Remaining "form div { margin: 0em 0 0em 0 !important; }" (in cck.search.css) removed.
# Single quote issue fixed on Ajax Availability Validation plug-in.
# "Text Input" parameter (enabled/read-only) added on Calendar Field plug-in.

SEBLOD 3.1.3 (2013-06-06)

# Custom Variables issue fixed on Content Link Plug-in.
# Delete (Article, Category) fixed. (regression since Joomla! 3.1)

SEBLOD 3.1.2 (2013-06-01)

# Canonical Urls issue fixed on Joomla! 3. ("SEF Canonical" option added)
# Item Route issue (on the back-end) fixed.
# Temporary fix added for upcoming SEBLOD Exporter add-on.
# Translation toggle issue fixed on Checkbox, Freetext, Radio, Select(s) plug-ins.
# Translation (of Options) issue fixed on Checkbox, Radio, Select(s) plug-ins.
# UI improvements on Joomla! 3.x
# Useless CSS lines removed.
# "form div { margin: 0em 0 0em 0 !important; }" removed.
# "prepateTable()" notice (Strict Standards) fixed for both Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x
# Minor issues fixed.

SEBLOD 3.1.1 (2013-04-25)

# Tags List output (using native layout) added on "JForm Tag" field.

SEBLOD 3.1.0 (2013-04-25)

+ Friendly Multilanguage Management added on Article Manager.
+ Multilanguage Associations available for to Joomla! Article object.
+ Native Tag system available for Joomla! Article & Category objects.

+ "Nested Exact" Match modes added on Search Types.

+ "Clear", "Modal" positions added to seb_one.
+ Folder Permissions added on "Upload File" Field Plug-in.
+ "JForm Associations" Field plug-in added.
! "JForm Tag", "Tabs" Field plug-ins updated.
+ "Use Value" added on "Content" Link Plug-in.

# Character escaping issue fixed in JSON storage.
# Data integrity check improved.
# Dynamic Legend (Position Variation) get Typography as well now.
# Minor issues fixed.

SEBLOD 3.0.4 (2013-04-16)

# Issue (related to SEBLOD Importer) fixed.

SEBLOD 3.0.3 (2013-04-14)

# Category Extension issue fixed. (@Eddy, thank you for the report)

SEBLOD 3.0.2 (2013-04-03)

* Security Release: "User Password2" field storage issue fixed.

# Template grid (33.33%,..) issue fixed.

SEBLOD 3.0.1 (2013-04-02)

# Broken SQL query (during upgrade process) fixed.

SEBLOD 3.0 (2013-03-29)

+ App Import / Export refactored & completed.
+ Conditional States & Triggers v2 added.
+ Computation Rules added on Content Types.
! Performance improvements and optimizations.
+ Stages added on Content Types >> Multi-page Forms.
+ Router refactored & improved >> /id-alias, /id, /alias .. your choice!

+ Bridge with Article (User, User Group) is now optional (disabled by default).
! Extensive work on compatibility & consistency with both Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0
+ Init. View (Fields) using another view added on Content Types.
+ Integration improved >> Modal Box (Icon, List) added, Options updated.

+ "App Root", "Icon" parameters added on App Folder.
+ Access added on Search Types.
+ "Auto Redirection" action (No Result) added on Search Types.
+ Cache (on Search) added on Search Types.
+ "Convertible" (Toggle) added for multiple selection (Conditionnal, Live Value).
+ "Content Creation" parameter added on Content Types.
+ "Content Object", "Alias" parameters added on Content/Search Types.
+ "Delete", "Delete Own" permissions added.
+ "Ending with", "Not Equal", "Not Like" Match modes added on Search Types.
+ "Exclude Fields" (Data Integrity) added on Content Types.
+ "Filter" Field Variation added on Search Types.
+ Language files, Media folder included in Apps.
+ Live plug-ins improved >> options added.
+ "Offline" parameter added to Sites. (Multi-sites)
+ Options (Fields) added to Sites. (Multi-sites)
^ Permissions moved to Modal Box on Content Types (sliding panel).
+ "Optional Stages" added on Search Types.
+ "Quick Menu" item creation added on Content/Search Types.
+ "Rebuild" button added on Folder Manager.
+ SEBLOD Workshop optimized.
+ Template selection (List view) added on "New" Search Type modal box. (J!3.0)

+ "Admin Menu" module updated.
+ "Quick Add" module added.
+ Media Extensions, "Prepare Content", SEF, Validation added on SEBLOD configuration.
+ "SEBLOD Breadcrumbs" module added.
+ URL Query (Vars) added on List menu item.
+ URL Assignment added on "Form", "List", "Search" modules.

+ "Ajax Availability" Validation plug-in added.
+ "Columns" (orientation = vertical) added on Checkbox, Radio plug-ins.
+ "Custom Attributes" added on Checkbox, Radio, Select(s) plug-ins.
+ "Delete Content", Link plug-in added.
+ "Default Title" (Auto/Custom) available on User, User Group Storage Location plugins.
+ IcoMoon support added on Submit Button plug-in. (requirement: Joomla 3.0)
+ "JForm Tag", "Tabs" Field plug-ins added. (requirement: Joomla! 3.1)
+ "Joomla User", "Url Variable" Live plug-ins added.
+ "Modal" position added to seb_one. (requirement: Joomla 3.0)
+ "Orientation" added on "Group X" Field plug-in.
+ Tranlation of options can be disabled on Checkbox, Radio, Select(s) plug-ins.
+ Tranlation of text can be disabled on Freetext plug-in.

^ jQuery updated from 1.7.2 to 1.8.3.
^ jQuery UI updated.
^ jQuery Validation script updated.
^ JS files moved & refactored. (cf /media/cck/ folder)
^ Use of jQuery Encapsulation & Javascript Namespaces added.

+ buildRoute() & parseRoute() added to Storage Location plug-ins. (!)
+ onCCK_Storage_LocationPrepareItems() added to Storage Location plug-ins. (!)

^ .conditionalState() renamed to .conditionalStateLegacy()
^ $cck->renderPositions(...); must be replaced by: echo $cck->renderPositions(...);
^ "CCK_Submit"... JS function removed, use "JCck.Core.submit"...
! "getLink" (Storage Location) function removed, use "getRoute".
! "getProperty" (Storage Location) function removed, use "getStaticProperties".
! "JCckDatabase::doQuery()" function deprecated, use JCckDatabase::execute();
- "Div Clear" Field plug-in removed, but available on SEBLOD.com
- "IFrame" Field plug-in removed, but available on SEBLOD.com
- "Joomla! Message" Content Object plug-in removed, but available on SEBLOD.com
- "Url Var Int", "Url Var String" Live plug-ins removed, use "Url Variable".
- "User Profile" Live plug-in removed, use "Joomla User".
- Upload Image plug-in improved.
- "rewritten_url.php" file removed.
- "route.php" file (class CCKHelperRoute) removed.
^ "Storage Location" renamed to "Object".

# A few issues related to Multi-sites fixed.
# "Access" + "Status" applied on Joomla! Article (Related) plug-in.
# "Content" Redirection (after Form submission) fixed/updated.
# "Custom" Storage field defined by Content Object. (introtext,description..)
# "Data Type" (Storage) fixed on Calendar. (datetime)
# Empty task on component (view=list) and mod_cck_search fixed.
# "Group" Field plug-in updated.
# "Jform Rules" Field plug-in updated. (+ Modal Box added)
# Form still filled after Captcha verification failed.
# Missing Development Prefix added in Duplicate Process.
# New Lines issues fixed on "Textarea" Field plug-in.
# Template Style not inherited from parent anymore after Duplicate process.
# Transliteration added on Content/Search Type, Field >> name.
# Relative URLs issue fixed on "Link" Field plug-in.
# Separator inherited (any word/exact) from multiple fields.
# Use of "DS" constant removed.
# "Wysiwyg Editor" Field compatibility improved with: JCK Editor.
# Numerous improvements or issues fixed.