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And Why You Should Sponsor Too
The decision to sponsor a local event is tough: “what’s the value proposition?”, “will I see return on my investment?”, “what level of exposure is best for my business?”. In 2015, we at Octopoos (Editor of SEBLOD) decided to sponsor a handful of Joomla events including: JoomlaDay Boston, JoomlaDay Ribeirão Preto, JoomlaDay France, The very first JoomlaDay China, J and Beyond 2015 (Social Sponsor), JoomlaDay Brasil, JoomlaDay Germany, the upcoming JoomlaDay Minnesota, and perhaps a few more to come.

After these efforts, we’re convinced that it’s worthwhile, and here’s our top 3 reasons why.

Global 2015 Sponsorship of Joomla Events by Octopoos, Editor of SEBLOD

Direct access to a highly relevant audience

It’s simple and obvious: there are no better events than Joomla Day’s and Joomla conferences to reach Joomla people. For companies specializing in Joomla products or services, sponsorship of these events gives you prominence in a setting where the audience is looking to brands that are leaders in the Joomla space. Not only do you have access to this audience on the day(s) of the event, but also in the time surrounding the event as event organisers are constantly communicating and advertising. By becoming a sponsor, your brand is exposed to this traffic, too.

Face-to-face advocacy for your product

If you’ve made the decision to sponsor an event, try to get along and attend in person as well and ensure that you give a product-relevant presentation. Don’t give just give a marketing-based presentation about the features of your product, but provide some valuable and useful content on how your product can help to solve the problems of your audience. This sort of demonstration, along with the reinforced brand presence given by your sponsorship, will give an effective “one-two punch” in order to get noticed, and present you as a thought-leader in your field. Spending the face-time with prospective customers also puts a human face on the product in order to build trust and rapport. We’re often asked by interested users to give brief demo’s of SEBLOD after our talks, and this opportunity is something unique when attending events.

Community involvement

This point cannot be underestimated in an Open Source community. We believe that it is a powerful form of marketing within an Open Source community to “give back”. This is more than just altruism; there is a greater level of respect and recognition that comes from providing financial contributions for events within an open source community. Many companies “use” open source to take something for free, but there is a sense of solidarity between community members and businesses that chose to give back.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved and find some opportunities to sponsor local Joomla! events near you to boost the visibility of your products and services. The next event that we’re sponsoring is Joomla! Day Minnesota: if you’re in the area we’d love to see you there!
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