Community: Users & Forums
Powered by SEBLOD

The first Community part is built with a set of SEBLOD applications:

  • Comment Application
  • Share Application: share any content, send an email, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linked In
  • Bookmark Application: bookmark any content
  • User Application
  • Forum Application

SEBLOD User Application

We invite you to register you to try it!

This application uses the Joomla User object to extend the profile of the user. The registration form has 4 pages. When you're logged in you can view your member account and edit each page as in the picture below. Two SEBLOD List Modules display your latest forum posts and your latest reviews.


A User Directory displays users and allows some searching on it. Users are grouped by Joomla groups. Each SEBLOD application on has a set of groups and you will be progressively be able to filter each group.


SEBLOD Forum Application

We are very happy to present you the first version of a SEBLOD forum.
This forum manages nested discussion and indicates the level by an icon. Each topic or answer can be shared by a sending email, Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Moderators are able to edit, hide or delete a topic or an answer.


The Topic & Answer form is managed by SEBLOD. Imagine taking control of any forum interface, just do it with SEBLOD!

Displays items with an accordion style.


Woot woot

11 years ago
And this is just the beginning..!

what is seblod?

10 years ago
I need a very simple flight booking system for our website. We fly just one route. JQuery datepicker with the flight dates highlighted would be a start. Can we do this with SEBLOD?


10 years ago
Yes you can do it With SEBLOD.

Well done

9 years ago
excellent, well done guys....


7 years ago
Very usefull article!

Mighty Interesting

7 years ago
As always, James, you lift the lid on many Seblod secrets... almost like a whistleblower :)

Congrats Seblod and Saba with team!

1 year ago
Great to see this update for Joomla community!

All the best!

Slava Ukraina!


1 year ago
This is such a great news, So happy this great software will still be here with us!

Yay, what a joyful news

1 year ago
Thank you very much for your effort to keep this great software, which is used and appreciated on so many websites, fit for the future.

Thank you!!

1 year ago
Absolutely awesome. You rock!

Errors on the SEBLOD 4.x demo website

1 year ago