J and Beyond in Pictures
In pictures
What a great weekend full of thought-provoking talks and discussion. Follow the Octopoos team around J and Beyond 2015 through our photos!

james talks with alex James begs Alex: "No Game of Thrones spoilers please!" while they wait for others to arrive at the airport

seblod team on plane The SEBLOD team eagerly travels all together to J and Beyond 2015

impressive arrival A great venue for a great event

the team together The first beers of the weekend all together

electric atmosphere Electric atmosphere in the main hall waiting for the first Keynote

seblod sponsorship Look mum! We're in the conference booklet!

saba and olivier Saba and Olivier discuss implementing GSA

seblod sponsorship banner The SEBLOD banner was in good company among the sponsors

Nice suit Nice suit

Underwear ...

James pre-talk James pre-talk on branded content administration

Bes at the talk Bes pauses mid-presentation to share a cheeky grin

Bes at the talk Bes doing his thing

stunning prague castle A night out in the stunning city of Prague

stunning prague bridge More of beautiful Prague

stunning prague bridge ...and more

token JAB shot Our tradition: the token JAB team shirt shot

We've got even more photos in our gallery on the event page for J and Beyond 2015. Take a look! Great event! See you next year. 

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