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People always say at Joomla events that the thing about Joomla which makes it unique is the people, and that the strength of Joomla lies in a dedicated community of people around the world who passionately contribute to its success. It’s hard to really understand this sentiment until you see and experience it for yourself. In a profession / industry where most days are spent alone in front of a computer, the opportunity to meet and spend time with other Joomla people from around the world, to share ideas and stories, is a refreshing change of scene. J and Beyond 2015 was an incredible expression of this diverse and unique community of people, gathered in one place around a common goal: to “Make it Happen”.

Held in the stunning city of Prague, Czech Republic, the event this year boasted over 200 attendees, with over 50 speakers, all from 34 different countries. It was clear from the outset that the caliber of speakers and content at the conference as extremely high, as was the level of preparation and organization that went in to the event itself. The choice of city was perfect, the venue was excellent, the programme ran on-time, the food was great, and, most importantly, the beers were plentiful. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the organisers who pulled off an incredibly successful event. If you're interested in seeing some pictures,  check out our gallery blog post.

In each presentation, speakers shared their thoughts, experiences and ideas for Joomla and related topic areas. For those who weren’t able to attend, the tireless efforts of the tech support team ensured that videos of all the presentations were made available online, often within minutes of the talk’s completion – very impressive! If there’s a talk you’re interested in seeing, or want to hear again, head to the programme page of the J and Beyond website and click on any of the presentation titles to view the respective video.

Of course, at such an event-filled conference it would be hard to re-cap every happening here. But, if you ask anyone at the event what the “stand out” moment or “highlight” of the event was, you’re likely to be met with the same answer: JFactor winner Soren Beck Jensen’s interpretation of Jeff Buckley’s famous cover of Leonard Cohen’s original masterpiece “Hallelujah”… or, more affectionately known as “Hallejoomla”. It didn’t take long before the entire main conference hall of attendees were on their feet and united in chorus of the Joomla-themed anthem. Bravo Soren and well done to all of the other JFactor contestants for putting on a great show.
HalleJoomla - J & Beyond 2015, Prague from Octopoos on Vimeo.

This year, we tried to do things a little differently and capture the community spirit throughout the event. Octopoos team members roamed the venue to gather photos and insights from attendees. The result is a collection of Memories, hosted on the JandBeyond website, that serve as a momento of the event and a testimony of the community. If you attended #JAB15 and haven’t had a chance to contribute to it yet, please do! You can still submit a photo and a memory online yourself at http://jandbeyond.org/memories.html

Finally, the SEBLOD team would like to thank the fellow sponsors of the event who made J and Beyond happen through financial contribution. Particularly major sponsors such as: 1 & 1, Siteground and Community Builder.

So now, after another year of J and Beyond has come and gone, after Ronni has put down his final beer and Brian has finally been allowed to take off his 7KG charity jacket, there’s only 1 question left to ask: where will JAB16 be? Well, if the Memories page is any indication maybe Paris, France…

See you there!
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