JoomlaBeat Training Course
Hosted by the JoomlaBeat Podcast
If you haven't listened to the JoomlaBeat podcast yet, it's time to start! The JoomlaBeat podcast is a great, weekly show about all things Joomla. Hosted by Peter and Martina, they share Joomla tips, feature different components and modules, discuss business tips for your web development business, and more!

Throughout the month of July, in a special partnership with JoomlaBeat, we are offering a free series of tutorials on their website. Each week, we'll go through the steps to create your own customised image gallery / portfolio on your Joomla website using SEBLOD. We'll cover each step rather generally, so the concepts that you learn will be useful in a wide range of applications.

We invite you to tune in, work through the tutorials and let us know any questions you have so we can help you out! The first tutorial is live now, and more will come every week.

Access the JoomlaBeat SEBLOD training course now
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