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For 4 years, SEBLOD has been completely free.
Many times some users from our community asked us to add a donation button on our website because they wanted to support the project. We never created this button... and do you know why?

Because.. if you want to spend some money in order to support the project, we do prefer to give you something in exchange. And by "something", we mean some cool templates for your websites, some useful plug-ins for your projects.. some exclusive add-ons to extend the possibilities of SEBLOD !

Thus.. this is win/win.

Here is the list of new products available as of today.

Map Template
Displays any list of items with a Google Map.


Accordion Template

Displays any list of items with a Bootstrap accordion style.


Tabs Template
Displays any list of items with a Bootstrap tabs/pills style. 


SEBLOD Exporter Add-on
Exports any items to a CSV file.


New Field Plug-ins:

  • Address to Coordinates
  • Button Free
  • Checkbox Numeric
  • Code Pack (AfterStore, BeforeStore, BeforeRender, CSS, JS)
  • Radio Numeric
  • Search Generic
  • Search Join
  • Search Ordering
  • SEBLOD Canonical (Urls)

New Link Plug-ins:

  • SEBLOD Search (JS)

New Live Plug-ins:

  • SEBLOD Site (Multi-sites)
  • Url

New Typography Plug-ins:

  • Joomla! Pack (JGrid, JText, Prepare Content)

New Validation Plug-ins:

  • Credit Cards Pack
  • Date
  • Letters Pack
  • Numbers Pack
  • Phone
  • Window Box
  • Zip Code

Finally, the following products have been updated:

  • Folder Field Plug-in (1.0.1)
  • Html Template (1.0.1)
  • Minima Template (1.1.0)
  • List Template (1.1.0)

AND of course.. this is not just about us!  This is a marketplace..! In a few days, any developer is going to be able to open its own store in order to sell/share its own products. Guys, it's time to be creative.. bring up the big stuff!

Together we'll show the world how flexible/powerful.. the pair Joomla! + SEBLOD really is!

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11 years ago
There are some really nice additions here! Oyeah, Joomla + Seblod really kicks!

Excellent work Seblod!

11 years ago
I know I'll be getting some exceptional use out of these new toys. Donation incoming!

Never knew this thing exist

11 years ago
Just wonder how creative the team is! This is awesome!