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You’ll notice when you take a peak on the products page a variety of sortable options.


Under the categories you’ll see that not only are there different types of plugins but also applications, templates, variations, languages and more. So far there is only one store, Octopoos. But soon, we will invite all of the community to create and feature their own SEBLOD addons. We envision the marketplace to become a thriving place to share and find all sorts of good SEBLOD stuff.

We also encourage the entrepreneurs of you to promote your work. You will find a new page under the Resources tab called Marketing. There you will find the Seblod logo in various shapes and sizes for your use, but please read the Conditional Use statement at the end.

With the initial release of the market, you will find that there exists a shopping feature. Even with free products, you need to have an account and add your selected products to the cart then finally “checkout”.

All of this by the way was created in SEBLOD.

Once you’ve added one or more products to your cart, there are two ways to checkout. If you want to go to checkout after adding something, just add to cart button turns into a checkout button after adding. You can also hover over the “Member Account” link at the top of the screen and choose “Checkout” anytime.
Once you’ve checkout out and paid for any commercial addons (there won’t be any yet), you can download by hovering over “Member Account” and choosing “My Downloads”.

Once again, this is just the initial release. In a couple of week we will be releasing some more freebies as well as a slew of new commercial products:

  • SEBLOD Exporter


  • Accordion
  • Chart
  • Map

Field Plug-ins

  • Code Pack (BeforeStore, AfterStore, ..)
  • Dynamic Fields (Cascade, Checkbox, ..)
  • Search Pack (Generic, Ordering, .. )
  • Social Pack (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, ..)

And much more..

Last but not least, we have an all new bug tracker, under the Resources tab. Take a look. It is made with Seblod and pretty slick if we say so!  From this point on, that is where all new issues should be posted.

We hope you enjoy the new marketplace and thank you for your support!

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A Big Mile Stone ...

11 years ago
Hi All,

SEBLOD ha now reached their another big mile stone by releasing market place. Congrats team and KEEP IT UP as always.


Super !

11 years ago
Bravo, pour cette nouvelle étape !
J'attends avec impatience les nouveautés du mois !

Excellent !

11 years ago
Un grand bravo à toute l'equipe !

Amazing Team

11 years ago
I must say that looking for a good and powerful web application builder has just been completed for me in Seblod. I must say that this is the best stuff I've laid my hands on yet. Simply Amazing!

Great Improvement

11 years ago
The best APP Builder, now, with wonderful market. :)

Thank you!


11 years ago
Just tested a few products. It was an intuitive experience. Cant wait to se som more products on the market!

Beautiful Site Seblod...

11 years ago
Cannot wait for more products! I can't wait for the forum, the tracker and the marketplace products and services... This site as it sits is one of the nicest sites I've seen in a long while.


11 years ago
There are some really nice additions here! Oyeah, Joomla + Seblod really kicks!

Excellent work Seblod!

11 years ago
I know I'll be getting some exceptional use out of these new toys. Donation incoming!

Never knew this thing exist

11 years ago
Just wonder how creative the team is! This is awesome!

Keep going

10 years ago
Great news.I was concerned to use Seblod in a commercial project because ot the lack of a decent user manual. Now I feel more confident to start using it. Please keep going with more chapters :)


10 years ago
I guess we will see a growth in the userbase now that the learningcurve is easier!:)

Awesome news

10 years ago
Wow, I cannot believe my eyes. Is this is really happening? I'm sure SEBLOD will become the best and the most popular now. Thank you guys

proceed please

10 years ago
Thank you guys! Сonsider, please, all the possibilities to pieces :)