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Templating is everything!
What makes SEBLOD so versatile is the ability to showcase Content with different layouts:
Accordions, Blog Views, Calendars, Charts, Directories, Grids, Maps, Sliders, Tables.. anything you could think of.
SEBLOD can really fit any kind of data !

That's why today we've released 4 new templates.

New Templates: Updated Templates:
One request you have made for the past months was for us to build a demonstration site.. so we did it!
For now there are 1 add-on, 5 plug-ins and 7 templates highlighted. Of course it will continue to grow in the upcoming weeks, and we'll try to showcase as much features/products as we can! Here is the link to the demo site:

That's all for today !
Display locations on a map


Backstretch template for FREE

10 years ago
Thanks for providing one of the demonstrations and integrations for free!
Merci beaucoup, douze points à la France de l'Allemagne ;-)

Thanx for the new products

10 years ago
Wow! I was amazed to see that you offer incredible new products - Seblod is becoming a real giant ;-)

Thank you very very much

10 years ago
It's a very very good job!
It is very interesting to test different tools online, to learn all that you can do. it gives ideas for future projects!
THANKS! Seblod is beautiful