Meet SEBLOD 3.3
More control over your forms/fields!
Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of SEBLOD 3.3.0, which brings some good stuff !

Let's start with 2 small additions, that matters for many of you:
  • Core Stylesheets can be included/excluded easily.
  • Markup ("default" or "none") added on Content/Search Types.
Now, you have the choice to include or not the core stylesheets (cck.css,, cck.content, ...) for each page of your website.
Thus, you can optimize your site and stop loading CSS that you don't use (if you don't require it!).

It's also possible to disable the markup for each field.
Ex: when you apply a heading (H1, H2, H3) typography on a title, you don't usually need the double div around, right?
Now you can choose not to add it.. for each field !

You will also find a new kind of plug-in called "Restriction" that gives much more control over the fields/display.
"Workflow" is included directly in SEBLOD 3.3.0, and you'll discover other plug-ins on the Marketplace.


Aliases (URL) added to Sites:
Helpful when your multi-sites platform move between development/staging/production environments..

Mobile Detect Library added:
Useful to detect the end-users' device in order to display or not some fields..

Of course some issues were fixed as well. Here is the full changelog.
And because it's not just about SEBLOD core package anymore.. but about a full ecosystem, here is more...

New Products: Updated Add-ons: Updated Plug-ins:
Updated Templates:

On, we've published a new page: Testimonials, where you can find some reviews from the Joomla! Extensions Directory.
If you use SEBLOD, please post a review and a rating on the JED.
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Upgrade went perfectly well

10 years ago

Upgrade went perfectly well from J3.2.2 and Seblod 3.2! Up to me now to discover all the new possibilities ..

Thank you Seblod Team!

great update but what about

10 years ago
Thanks Seblod team for this update. What about:
- the calendar template you use on this site ?
- the versionning for the seblod contents since Joomla 3 API is specifically designed to support extension contents versionning ?

A great extension anyway, as usual !

Hi guys!

10 years ago
@pretobrazza: Thank you for the feedback.
@cyril: We've just published new templates, the calendar template will come next. Full content versionning will come for sure.. but not before a few weeks.
Regards, Saba.