New Release SEBLOD 4
Joomla! 4.x support
Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of SEBLOD 4 Release Preview 4.

It brings additional changes to support Joomla! 4, and even if a few UI fixes are still missing, projects can now move forward. 
And each week, a new package is released, including the latest fixes and improvements for Joomla! 4.
Scheduled ( updated!) as following:

  • Jul 19 — SEBLOD 4 Release Preview 1 — Read Blog Post 1/4
    Intended to be installed on a fresh Joomla! 4 for new developments.
  • Jul 27SEBLOD 4 Release Preview 2 — Read Blog Post 2/4
    Bringing additional UI tweaks and initial upgrade changes.
  • Aug 12 — SEBLOD 4 Release Preview 3 — Only released on GitHub but no Blog Post
    Suitable for new developments or upgrades of existing sites (to Joomla! 4).
  • Aug 19 — SEBLOD 4 Release Preview 4
    Suitable for new developments or upgrades of existing sites (to Joomla! 4).
  • Sep xx — SEBLOD 4 General Availability
    Support of both Joomla! 3 AND Joomla! 4

In order to upgrade an existing site (on a DEV environnement first!):
  1. Upgrade SEBLOD 3 to SEBLOD 4 Release Preview 4
  2. Upgrade Joomla! 3 to Joomla! 4
  3. Upgrade once again SEBLOD with the same package: this will apply additional updates and display ACTIONs highlighted above.
Feel free to pick one of the 2 ACTIONs, but please note that the 1st one should be the most straightforward and easy path.
Of course if you have issues/regressions with the upgrade, please post the issue at GitHub, and we'll have a look to include a fix in the General Availability release.

Additional Add-ons (Updated or Soon to be Updated):
  • Exporter Add-on
  • Importer Add-on
  • Toolbox Add-on
  • WebServices Add-on

Additional Add-ons (Updated or Soon to be Updated):
  • Author Field Plug-in
  • Captcha Math Field Plug-in
  • Checkbox Dynamic Field Plug-in
  • Checkbox Numeric Field Plug-in
  • Checkbox Validation Plug-in
  • Clear Restriction Plug-in
  • Custom Mask Validation Plug-in
  • Date Mask Validation Plug-in
  • Date Validation Plug-in
  • DateTime Live Plug-in
  • File Field Plug-in
  • Folder Field Plug-in
  • Form Action Field Plug-in
  • Form Breadcrumbs Field Plug-in
  • Form HTML Field Plug-in
  • Function Validation Plug-in
  • Highlight Typography Plug-in
  • IFrame Field Plug-in
  • Increment Restriction Plug-in
  • Joomla! Language Restriction Plug-in
  • Joomla! Menu Item Live Plug-in
  • Joomla! Menu Item Restriction Plug-in
  • Joomla! User Restriction Plug-in
  • List Typography Plug-in
  • Lorem Ipsum Live Plug-in
  • Message & Redirection Field Plug-in
  • Mobile Device Live Plug-in
  • Mobile Device Restriction Plug-in
  • Number Format Validation Plug-in
  • Phone Validation Plug-in
  • PHP String Typography Plug-in
  • Popover Typography Plug-in
  • Preformatted Text Typography Plug-in
  • Random Numner Live Plug-in
  • Random Option Live Plug-in
  • Random UniqId Live Plug-in
  • Regex Validation Plug-in
  • Search Join Field Plug-in
  • Search Operator Field Plug-in
  • Search Total Field Plug-in
  • Search Total Restriction Plug-in
  • Search Variable Field Plug-in
  • SEBLOD Break Field Plug-in
  • SEBLOD Canonical Field Plug-in
  • SEBLOD Options Restriction Plug-in
  • SEBLOD Site Live Plug-in
  • SEBLOD Site Restriction Plug-in
  • Select Dynamic Cascade Field Plug-in
  • URL Live Plug-in
  • VisualCaptcha Field Plug-in
  • Zip Code Validation Plug-in
  • Fields Restriction Plug-in
  • Message & Redirection Field Plug-in
  • Search Query Field Plug-in

Reminder: Joomla! 3.10 ends its support in August 2023, so there is still one full year to upgrade existing sites or applications (and to make sure that everything is running properly on DEV servers, first!).

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When release SEBLOD 4?

1 year ago
Hi guys,
When to expect a stable release of seblod 4 and how heavy will be the upgrade from joomla 3 to joomla 4?

Thank you 👍

It is not possible to install Seblod 4.0.2 Prieview 9.

1 year ago
Unknown column 'language' in 'field list'
Install package: An error occurred installing the extension:
Error installing the package -Installation.

Either I keep postponing the migration from J!3 to 4 or I guess I have to say goodbye to Seblod... :(

SEBLOD 4.0.3

1 year ago
Please download it

SNV Services

10 months ago
thanks for share