Community, Products, Services
Community, Products, Services..
We have built the new site using only Joomla & SEBLOD. We will gradually release the different parts of the site built with SEBLOD applications such as forum, showcase, ecommerce, e.t.c....

Each user will be able to open their own shop on and offer free or commercial products (Applications, Plug-ins, Templates, Add-on e.t.c...). It's your marketplace!

We can already tell you that more than 50 stable products will be published in the next 7 weeks with the participation of many developers around the world and that all products are already documented.

Next Weeks
March 29:
  • Download SEBLOD 3.0
  • Community (Blog) 
April 5:
  • Community (Forum + Social Hub + Users)
  • Resources (Faq)
April 12:
  • Products (Free)
  • Resources (Marketing + Tracker)
Coming Soon:
  • Services (Live Support + Worldwide)
  • Resources (Videos)
Coming Soon:
  • Products (Commercial)
  • Resources (Manuals)
Coming Soon:
  • Community (Events + Showcase) 
Coming Soon:
  • Services (Tickets + Webinars)
  • Resources (Tutorials)
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Free products

11 years ago
What will free products contain?

offering assistance

9 years ago

Although not a developer or a coder, I gladly would like to offer my help with the forum and the tutorials and manuals.... translating Seblod to Dutch is something I already do for some years now :-)

Best regards


9 years ago
Great EricZ, thank you. Your contribution to the language translations are very welcome :)

Regarding the forum - that is great. Please continue with your help on there which is very useful, the next step is also to familiarise yourself with all of the material that we already have available on the tutorials and resources pages. After that we can work together on finding new tutorial topics that are useful to the community. If you already have some in mind, please feel free to start them and post them on the tutorials page. I'll be in touch with further information soon.


Help is in two ways route!

9 years ago
We always want to help, but the route have two ways... We help the community but the Octopoos need to collaborate two. We have asked to create a section in store at several month´s ago with no response...

Vendor stores on SEBLOD marketplace

9 years ago
Hi Codigo,

Thanks for the feedback, and sorry that we haven't gotten back to you about your vendor enquiry for the SEBLOD marketplace. This is currently one of our top priorities to launch and make it easier for people to list their products on the marketplace. Expect some changes shortly.

Many Thanks

2 years ago
Hi, many thanks for the update...


2 years ago
Yeah Seblod for Joomla 4 ! Thanks

Super Seblod

2 years ago
Thanks to you all


2 years ago
Sounds great!

Abscheidersanierung | De Buhr Bau GmbH, Erkrath - Abscheiderreparatur, Dichtigkeitsprüfung

2 years ago
Sanierung, Prüfung, Reparatur und Wartung von Abscheideranlagen...

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