Discount Summer Sales
20% discount during 2 weeks
As you may know (or not..!) the French summer sales start today, on June 26th.. in the whole country.
So.. we were thinking why not letting you guys take advantage of the sales... from all over the world !

And here we are.
From Wednesday, June 26 to Wednesday, July 10 a special discount of 20% is applied to all products available on
It includes all products from the Octopoos' store and also all products from Simon Dowdles' store.

Please, note that the discount is visible once you are on the Checkout page.
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Oh Noooo....

11 years ago
i Just bought some of plugin in 25 June...

.. nice, but I think, you deserve the fees without a sale ;-)

11 years ago
It would help me more, if you take some extra time to solve the occurring problems. The two, which bothered me (importer and item-card-view) are so important for my project that I would have to switch to an alternative solution, if I can’t get it fixed …

@dodenau Support You on SEBLOD

11 years ago
If you wish to have a professionnel support for your professionnel project I invite you to contact Octopoos.