J and Beyond Netherlands Konigstein
Session(s), Sponsoring
Communication and Training Center
Olmuhlweg 65
Like previous years, J And Beyond event is CRAZY event in the Joomla community to have a lot of fun and human contact!
It begins with some coffee, continues with some beer and ends with a match of Beach-Volley. It’s like this the JAB!

SEBLOD team presented the session "Suit up with Gavick, Rockettheme and Yootheme!” leading by Alexandre Lapoux and with the participation of Sebastien Heraud, Klas Berlic and Sebastien Lapoux.
It was about: All Joomla! Templaters provide different style variations that can be applied on any position of their Site template.
You'll discover that SEBLOD can also inherit from these styles for its own positions.. in both Content templates and Form templates.
Watch video of the session: "Suit up with Gavick, Rockettheme and Yootheme!” here.

And because the JAB is the JAB it was more about to have fun together!

Dmitry Rekun on Twitter: A little theatre is happening by @seblod guys #jab14 pic.twitter.com/fraWtvdDdB

SEBLOD Team on twitter during the event.