8 years ago

Welcome to the SEBLOD forum! This is a free, community forum provided to help you with your SEBLOD projects. It is primarily a forum for members of the community to help each other and share knowledge. If you are looking for priority support from the Octopoos team related to specific SEBLOD Apps, please look at a VIP subscription with access to the private forums, or alternatively for general support you can purchase an individual support session package.

The following are guidelines to help maximise the use of this forum and to grow a helpful and active SEBLOD community.

General participation:

  1. As a rule of thumb, try to help to answer or contribute back to the forum by helping others, as much as you ask for help from others.
  2. Be polite when talking with others. Please start your message with a greeting (Like: "Hi!"), and sign off with a salutation (Like: "Thanks!").
  3. If you have learned something new that you think will be useful to others, consider writing and submitting a tutorial about what you have learned.

Asking questions:

When asking a question on the community (or private) forums, you have the best chance of being answered quickly and accurately if you spend some time properly structuring your support request. Below are some guidelines on how to appropriately ask for help:

  1. Firstly, check the manuals and tutorials pages, and the forum archive to see if your question has already been answered.
  2. Make the title of your talk exactly what you are having a problem with. Don't write "This feature is broken / doesn't work".
  3. Describe the problem succinctly (try to keep it to no more than 100 words).
  4. Provide a link to your site or provide screenshots so we can see the issue. Having an example like this makes it much easier to troubleshoot your issue!
  5. Describe if there was a particular event or action that you did that caused the issue (e.g. "This started happening after I disabled the XYZ plug-in").
  6. Detail which version of Joomla and SEBLOD you are using.
  7. List which resources (exact links) that you have read to try and solve this issue.