5 years ago


As you may know, we are experiencing a few issues with PayPal lately:

  • Orders are not automatically validated anymore by our system, and we need to complete each one manually.
  • Also for an unknown reason, French people are not able to order on our store anymore.

Of course, we tried to contact PayPal, and they said that we should move to another integration method as they do not provide support for this API anymore. Please note that we received no prior notification and no API shutdown was clearly announced.

We plan to develop a new Payment plug-in but it may not be live until September. We are sorry for the issues you may encounter.
Feel free to  contact us prior payment (French people) or after payment (for those where the payment still works).


**Aug 29th**: PayPal has confirmed issues for France, Belgium, Romania. They have applied some updates on their side, and so it should fix the 2nd issue reported above. The 1st issue is still true though.

**Jun 22th**: After another PayPal integration outage for a few days, a minor change was applied on our side (to fix the outage) ... and (wow!) everything is now back on track. Orders are NOW again automatically valided by our system, and so you'll get your downloads right after payment (like it is supposed to be, and like it was for years (!!) before the above issue).

Anyway that's a good news for both you and us :). YEAH!

We'll keep this post open for a bit... and then it will be archived.