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Hi everyone

I cannot find an option to open a field, change some of it and save as a copy.

Why would I want to do this?

I have several free checkbox fields in an app with up to 750 options listed between them which we want as checkboxes as that is the best UI for our members to fill in their data at their level of technology usage

We want to create free single select fields pulling the same options from the checkbox storage column in the table for the search form as that is the best UI for our end users who are searching for filtered information on our members.

I don't want to create the same 750 options twice as there is no cut and paste version of entering options in SEBLOD fields (unless I have missed the obvious)

Why not copy the field in PHPmyadmin and then change the storage on the filter field you ask

Because I end up with exta unused columns in PHPmyadmin

I can do it this way for now and then delete the columns but am I the only one who thinks having a way to copy a field in SEBLOD would be useful

Does anyone have a suggestion or

I am new to SEBLOD so its possible I have missed something



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Two ways I use are:

Create list of options in custom table ie #__some_cool_table

Populate it with value.

then use select dynamic to grab those values


go in to the #__cck_core, and simply copy and paste the options from one field to the other

If you use seblod you do yourself many favours by seeing what goes on in db with table like:





Just noticed you put that you could use phpmyadmin but do not want to (not sure what mean by create extra columns).... 

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HI Bucklash

Thanks for the assistance, both solutions seem good to me

I am new to SEBLOD so I am still getting my head around all the possibilities and have to do it as I code as a project is running behind and we had not originally planned to use a CCK until the client expanded the scope of the build

It's not that I don't want to use PHPmyadmin, it's just that I want a solution that the clients can update themselves and I don't want them in the database

The first solution will work well

If it's not stretching the friendship too much, do you have any insight on this post for me


If it's too much to ask, just let me know but I'm really stumped on how to use the cascading fields on an app that is not using article categories



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