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Hi, is it possible to change how and where the field description popover appears? Currently it appears as a question mark icon next to the field value. Ideally I'd just like to show the popover as hover over the field label. Alternatively show the icon next to the field label, but not the value. Is that possible?

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4 years ago
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Hello RatingAction, 

actually, you have only those options:

If you need an other way, you can do that manually by adding a code field "Before Render". 

With that you can change the property "form" of you field (add some attributes, change the html,...)  


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Thanks for your reply, Lionel. I tried getting somewhere with Typo->HTML but that didn't work out.

Not sure how to go about using the BeforeRender field for this purpose, but will think about it. 

EDIT: Would a position variation work, too? If I set the template to display descriptions as popover, can I specify where to show it in the override?

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with beforerender can do

$fields[‘some_field’]->form = “...put all of the rendered html here”;

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I haven't been able to figure out how to manipulate the html I want to apply to the label. I tried the position override route, with a success rate of 50%. I've created a table and successfully applied popovers for one content type. Using the exact same method for another content type did not work. As far as I could discern, the popover script is not called, even though the template is set to display descriptions as popover.

For the time being I'm just using the "title" setting in the div. While not quite the same as a popover, it does give more context than nothing.

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