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I understand
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1 year ago

Hi guys, using Joomla 3.8.1 + Seblod 3.15

1 - opening the Field Description the popup open the text editor, where, entering "FIRST NAME" for example, what is saved is the JText string "COM_CCK_FIRST_NAME" we can manage with Language Overrides.

Is it right to have the text editor into the Field Descritpion popup ?

2 - Using Joomla Overrides (in not a problem only for FIeld Description language string), the rules /n /n/n to go head in the sentence seem to don't work.

Please, Do you have any trick to go head in the sentence into the Field Description tooltip ?

Do you think could be a joomla bug ? (/n /n/n when entered in the Backend are not visibles in the Frontend also just as text)

3 - When entered for the Button - Submit Field "Save & Close" the "?" tooltip isn't shown in the Frontend. Can you confirm ? How to have it ?

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11 months ago
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1 - I don't understand your question. 

2. Try adding any html in the language string, not in description itself. 

3 - I don't think buttons are meant to have descriptions.

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