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I understand
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14 days ago


I develop a field to present fotos in a table template (seb_table). Thanks to the Seblod Developer Add-on this works great. - The field type I use is a Typography field type. - Just cannot figure out on how to programmatically access the link to the View? Or alternatively on how to access ID and Alias of the respective article  dataset?

Thanks for any hint.

Kind regards

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13 days ago
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Just figured it out myself:

To have the $field->link parameter available in the Typography field type code, make sure to activate in List Type of the table in tab List the field to the respective link (under 2 "Link & Typography").

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12 days ago
Level 2

Make sure to set "Behaviour" from "Apply" to "Prepare" to avoid errorprone printout in your table.

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