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I have created a form which outputs an email. I am using a Fieldx to pick up a simple drop down. The Fieldx drop down successfully displays in the form but when the form is sent the resulting email display (using [fields]) does not display the value of the field but the number of values selected ie 1

For example if the Fieldx simple drop down has Red, White & Blue and Blue is selected the resulting email will output '1' rather than 'Blue' How can the form be configured to generate the value rather than a number?


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Hi bigrich66,

Are you sure you are using a FieldX?  Or are you using a Select Simple?

In this case, the [fields] will not work.  Your message will have to built manually.  If you are using a Select Simple, you can add the value in your message like so: #my_field_name#  have a look at the email docs for a good example.



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Hi Randy

I am using a Fieldx (lets call it fieldx_ss_fieldname) to call up an existing select simple field ie ss_fieldname  This is working successfully in that the Site Form Fieldx is successfully displaying the simple select ie a duplication of ss_fieldname. I have tried the method you described to display the field in the resulting email ie #fieldx_ss_fieldname# however rather than display the value it still displays the number as below.

Rather than display as expected

- Item Description : Description of item

it displays 

- Item Description : 1



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