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7 years ago

Hello all 

I need to make single field ( multiple select or checkbox ) with two value .


English - expert, good, average, basic 

France - expert, good, average, basic 

German - expert, good, average, basic


 how to make ?

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7 years ago
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Here you will need 3 checkbox fields, one for each language. With multiselects there is no built-in way to force single selection from one group, one could select e.g. 2 values from english. Then you can concenate this values into anotoher single field using computation,SD concat field or beforestore plugin.

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7 years ago
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Thanks . if I had a field of a certain quantity, then you suggest is correct but i have the dynamic source of data, 

for example similar to "linkedin skills" or "joomla tag" + status: good, basic, expert, ..

i think to need make "group x field"

there is no easy way

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