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I understand
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7 months ago


By default Seblod save the information ordering by id and then we change the display with the ORDER BY instructions.

We need to save and then of course display in the order the user select the multiple value of a dynamic list. The html show some information bu it seems a bit tricky to create a new table for saving these ordering. I we can simply save the id in the right order to display them in this same order it seems a lot simplifer bu how can we achieve that ?


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7 months ago
Level 1

Maybe have a hidden field,

and when the user selects a value, using javascript you add value to this field.

then, using afterstore, save the data to the main field using these values

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6 months ago
Level 2

We use the chosen.js lib on these multiple select for making them user friendly (search option is so good !) on frontend.

We will try this plug-in chosen-order ^^

Thanks again, I will repost here when we will have found time to test that .

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