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I understand
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Wolfgang Claus
12 days ago

Hi there,

I want to create a content type with a image upload field. To use this content type more flexible, I would like to insert the upload path () for the image from the content of a drop down field or some kind of variable.

So, is it possible to insert variables into the "folder-input-field"  of the "upload image" field?

Or can I even use some code like $cck->get....

Thank you all.


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10 days ago
Level 1

Upload path is set in field settings and is not dynamically changeable out of the box.  Should be doable by using code fields from code pack, but I haven't tested it actually works, some changes are not allowed for security reasons

1142 Posts
9 days ago
Level 1

I am 72.4% sure not allowed.

If sort it out let forum know :)

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Wolfgang Claus
6 days ago
Level 2

I tested this, and you are right: it is not possible to use values of other fields as path variables.

So I will use another way around the tree: I will use JCE Editor to upload data files. I will have to create a lot of profiles but maybe this is the more flexible way, than to create a lot of content types.

Thank you


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