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CAF St Brieuc
6 years ago


I have a small problem, I just passed a site in https.

Everything works perfectly except for a form that opens from a link with variables (with the link plugin). 

Example this url:

OK on http : http://monsite.fr/accueil-caf/form/present_absent.html?participant_reunion_id=51&participant_reunion=CA%20de%20d%C3%A9cembre%20%20%20d%C3%A9jeuner&participant_reponse=NON

Blank page on https : https://monsite.fr/accueil-caf/form/present_absent.html?participant_reunion_id=51&participant_reunion=CA%20de%20d%C3%A9cembre%20%20%20d%C3%A9jeuner&participant_reponse=NON

I have no error message, nothing! just a blank page !

On seblod 3.8.3 and Php 7.0 ou 7.1

Does someone have an idea ??

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6 years ago
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Protocol should not affect results except if your hosting provider serves https trough different server which is somehow incorrectly configured.

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CAF St Brieuc
6 years ago
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Thank you Klas, 

That's what I think about the protocol and a priori everything is correctly set. 

I will look at plugin side. But having a blank page is difficult to track down! 

thanks anyway

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