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I understand
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2 months ago


I want to diplay a module (seblod list) with different locations in realtionship with an article.

I have created the following things:

  • Form and content type for the locations with a custom table (content object free). 

  • Form and content type for the article

    • Add a dynamic select, which based on the custom table and stored the result in a column of the article

  • List and search form for the locations

Now the module will be displayed on the page. But I cannot filter the result by the id, which is stored in the article.

I have tested with the SD Live plugin, but I see always only the whole results. I have also created a dynamic select with a sql select to get all id from the custom table (no storage). After that I have configured the sd live plugin with the field of the article.


  • Location (ID, Name): 

    • 1, Demo_1
    • 2, Demo_2

  • Article (id, location_choose, ...)
    • 1, "1,2", module should show locations 1 and 2
    • 2, "", module should show no locations

What make I wrong?

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49 Posts
2 months ago
Level 2

Your post is similar.

Displaying the results is not my problem. However, I can not filter them - just like you.

I thought the plugin SD Live CCK Field would work. But it works not for me.

Could you solve your problem?

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2 months ago
Level 3

So what is debug showing you?

Is the sql query for the module as you intended?

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2 months ago
Level 4

Now it works.

But I cannot really say why.

Maybe I forgot to add a field.

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