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I understand
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5 years ago

Hi Guys,

I really want Falang to manage my translations be integrated, so I'm thinking of a new plugin, a field plugin.

What I want is:
- No native translation, that is.. duplication of content, menus, modules AND ids. Will use for duplication on rare occasions.
- Use falang centrally for the most things as possible (menus, modules, etc...)
- A single field for multiple languages, no manual.
- I want to be able to handle dozens of languages.
- I want to manage translations inside seblod admin forms, because of the interface specific fields.
- I'm aware that there is a translation plugin (restriction plugin) to show a specific field

It would be based on the Field X (Collection) type. The template field type would be the type of field to be translated. On the admin form, the field would show an instance of the template field type per active language. The display could be tighter by using flags (like tabs) to show the content for the desired language.

The default rendering (for the frontend) would show the content for the active language, and fallback properly if necessary. And the value of the field would be an associative array of all language for custom renderings.

I also think that a field storage plugin will be necessary to handle changes to be written in the falang tables. Essentially, I'd would store the field of default language using the template field type storage method and for the other languages I would store inside the falang tables.

As I'm writing, I'm thinking:
- Maybe I don't necessarly need to use the falang system, but at least a translation management that handles automatically various language instances..
- Maybe what I want to achieve could be done by tweaking the admin form template..

Anyway, these are my open thoughts.
What do you think?

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26 Posts
5 years ago
Level 1

I've finally created a plugin cck_field plugin called 'falang', derived from the 'fieldx' type.

The default language is stored like the reference field and other languages are stored in the falang_content table. The field even works inside a collection field (group/groupx/fieldx). For collection fields, a translation is stored for each field inside the collection, not the collection itself. Works well so far with textbox, wysiwyg and images.

In the admin, the reference field is rendered for all languages installed, inside hidden divs. Whenever there is a falang field, a group of buttons next to the save button allows to switch language in the form, by showing the appropriate hidden div.

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5 years ago
Level 1

It would be nice if you could share this plugin

26 Posts
5 years ago
Level 2

Yes as soon as it is enough bug free. I still have some problems to fix, but I'm almost done.

26 Posts
5 years ago
Level 3

It is now usable, but my hands are full.

Need some more time for minimal documentation and package.

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3 months ago
Level 4

Hi Isometrik, 

Please, Do you have any update about it ?

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