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Greetings, Sebloders!

NOTE: I admit it, and I apologize... I've cross-posted this both here and also in the VIP forum. As there has been no response in the VIP forum yet, I'm reaching out to the larger community in hopes of some answer.

Is is possible to use URL parameters or reference other fields in a Select Dynamic field's SQL query? I need to include a parameter in the WHERE clause of my query (X in the example below). The value will be different for every user and should be equal to the current user's 'dealer_id'. Is this possible? And if so, how?

Example SQL:

SELECT sales_associate_name AS text, id AS value FROM #__cck_store_form_sales_associate WHERE sales_associate_dealer_id = X

Thanks in advance for your help!


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9 years ago
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Hello denverh,

sorry for the delay.

Yes it's possible to check some live value.

  • $uri->getXXXXXX  => replace the XXXXX by the name of the variable to get in the uri
  • $user->XXXXXXX  => replace the XXXXX by the property you need
  • J(XXXX) => replace the XXXX by a JText string.

Best regards.


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As always, THANK YOU, Lionel and everyone at SEBLOD-- not only for your great support, but for a great product and must-have extension to Joomla. I didn't doubt it was possible, was in fact sure it was, but was unfortunately using incorrect syntax. Thanks for the help and the answer!



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