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10 years ago

Hello everyone!

First, I'd like to thank the creators for this awesome CCK.

Now, for the question.

I'd like to use Seblod to make some little product catalog.  Each product only need those items:
- ID / SKU - integer (11)
- DESC - utf8 string
- price - decimal (10.2)

I attempted to force seblod into storing the data this way, but to no avail. I can only make it work with all sort of added stuff
for example, the decimal is stored as:
<br />::price::22.22::/price::
This will not only slow down indexing the SKU column, but it will make importing my 12,000 items much harder!

Can I force Seblod to just store the numbers? I got it to create the correct table column types, but it will not save data into them (i bet it tries to save STRING into the INT column it created, so I get cells).

Will be happy to get instructions to do this. It will be cool if I can use a table I create for it (not the default Seblod content table).

It will be really cool to get some deeper explanation as to why this is the solution, and how to make Seblod store the data in different ways. But I appreciate your time and will not ask more then is necessary for me. If you got time to explain this - that will also be a great bonus! I couldn't figure it out myself - didn't understand the tooltips, and couldn't find information which I understand and can apply.

Once again, I thank you for the work!

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10 years ago
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Just letting you guys know that if you ever become confused over this, here is the solution:
I was attempting to use CUSTOM type to save fields. Need to use STANDARD. It was intuitive for me to use custom for more control, but the control comes from changing storage location. Right now all is well here!

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