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Greetings SEBLODers!

I'm using the SD Databaser field for the first time in the results of a List (blog template). I've configured the field and although it appears to be working otherwise, this error message appears at the top of the page once for every result in the list: "Notice: Undefined variable: sdSeparater in/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/plugins/cck_field_typo/sd_databaser/sd_databaser.php on line 52".

I have configured values for both the Column Separator and the Multiple Row Separator (using _ for both). The Multiple Row Separator should be unnecessary as the query will only return a single row. Still, I've added it just in case the plugin expects one.

I should also mention, in case it's relevant, that when I click the "+" under Typography to configure the field, I get the following notice at the top of the configuration window: "Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$options2 in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/plugins/cck_field_typo/sd_databaser/tmpl/edit.php on line 13".

Anyone know why and how to resolve this?



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I've got the same problem.

Have you solved it ?

Thanks !

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same problem here.

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This is harmless notice, set your Joomla error reporting to Minimum or None

6 years ago
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To remove the message on the frontend:
Notice: Undefined variable: sdSeparater in \plugins\cck_field_typo\sd_databaser\sd_databaser.php on line 52
You have to edit the file and change the three times on line 52 where it says sdSeparater by sdSeparator
Change: $sdSeparater = !$sdSeparater ? '' : sdSeparater $sdSeparater; by $sdSeparator = !$sdSeparator ? '' : $sdSeparator;

To remove the backend message, in the typography settings:
Notice: Undefined property: stdClass :: $ options2 in \plugins\cck_field_typo\sd_databaser\tmpl\edit.php on line 13
Edit the file and comment line 13 with //

$options2 = JCckDev::fromJSON( $this->item->options2 ); by //$options2 = JCckDev::fromJSON( $this->item->options2 );

That is all...

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