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Hello there,

I want to Search Across the fields of Multiple Content Types With Search Generic plugin (across multiple fields). Before I invest, I really want to know if this is the solution to my issue.

Can Search Generic plugin be used to enable search on multiple content types across multiple fields as enable from this tutorial?

I have enable list & search across multiple article Content Types I have created by following this tutorial.
However, the search only queries the title field only, excluding other fields in the article Content Types. Will search generic plugin enables/supports search across fields of multiple content types?

That is if I purchase this plugin http://www.seblod.com/products/918, can it solve my problem of searching multiple fields across multiple article Content Types? Or it there another solution for this?

I will appreciate your assistance.
Thanks in advance

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8 years ago
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Simply using the SEARCH GENERIC field across all content types may not work exactly as you'd like - however you can always combine this field  with the SEARCH QUERY field www.seblod.com/products/19157 and it will work.

What I am saying here is - you cannot go wrong by getting the SEARCH GENERIC FIELD - I think any person serious about Seblod will invest in this field anyhow. If it does not work as expected you will need to get the above SEARCH QUERY field as well.

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