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2 months ago

Hi Sebloders, I came across an interesting issue I haven't seen before. I have a list (Trip Reports) with a search form, which includes a few filter-type drop-downs + a search box (using the Generic Search field type, though I had the same results using the art_title field) ... when the users enters their search query (e.g. "Mt Rainier") in the search box, and hits the enter key on their keyboard, the entry in the search box gets wiped out, and the page reloads. If the users clicks or taps on the Search button instead, the search performs as expected. I don't see any errors in the browser console (was looking for, e.g., jQuery conflicts or something).

Any thoughts on what I could check on? Thank you so much for any pointers.

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1 month ago
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Found out this was only happening if the default "Reset" option in the Search button was turned on. Removed it, and all is well. As a work-around, I replaced the reset option with a link to the list/search with the appropriate URL items/parameters embedded in it.

If the above doesn't make sense, feel free to check it out in action here: 

Not sure why it didn't work on this website while it works for me on others, but hey, with Seblod, there are so many options, a work-around can typically be found : )

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