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Joomla 3.8.1 Seblod 3.14.1

I made a Search Generic Field with two fields to search in : art_title and art_introtext. But when searching, the search is done in title but not in introtec=xt (only results with the searched word in title, not in introtext).

I tried many manipulations, but without success.

Have some body an idea ?

Thanks a lot.

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3 years ago
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I'm facing the same issue.

If you enable the debug mode for the list you will see seblod is performing the query (granted you entered 'token' ) :

t1.title LIKE '%token%' OR t1.introtext REGEXP "(::introtext::).*token.*(::/introtext::)"

in PHPmyadmin if you try the SQL query

SELECT * FROM `xxxx_content` WHERE introtext REGEXP "(::introtext::).*token.*(::/introtext::)"

you will be surprised it returns LESS results than

SELECT * FROM `xxxx_content` WHERE introtext LIKE "%token%"

Shouldn't be .... but this is what's happening ....


3 years ago
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Digging further I discovered that if you manually remove some CR characters in the introtext in PHPmyadmin the REGEXP query finds more results!

I'm not a REGEXP expert but it seems that performing a REGEXP "(::introtext::).*token.*(::/introtext::)" is not the right thing to do


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Same issue here 3 years later ! The REGEX don't return the article if the searched value is a second paragraph for example.

Any idea on how to solve that ?

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