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I understand
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17 days ago

I recently bought the SEBLOD Form & List Pack plugin to show a related list-view within my content-items.

Here is what i want to achive:

1. Content Form & View has a conditional select to get related team members.
(first step select: department, second step: team member)
What i get from conditional select is the article id of the team member.
The conditional select is wrapped in a groupx to allow adding more than one team member.

2. Now i want to use SEBLOD Form & List Pack plugin to show a list of related team members in content view.
I prepared the list view for the team member list and added article id field.
I added list field to my content view but it shows all team members.

How can i filter the list field by the art_id field value from my conditional select?

I tried different values under field filtering in the list field but it always show all team members in content view,

I tried:

art_id=team_select_einrichtung (this is one of the conditional select fields in my groupx)

art_id=select_team,0,team_select_einrichtung (select_team is my groupx field)


Can you help using the value from my groupx field in the list plugin?

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15 days ago
Level 1

I will try to find out if this is really so, but my guess would be that getting values from groupX is not supported. Field and groupx have a big problem of storing all data in one string which breaks all functionalities that require relations. For my personal use I made a plugin but it is not really ready for general use as it has no interface.

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13 days ago
Level 2

I decided to use fieldx and groupx only to collect  data, and with that data i map it in a free table. Searches are easier to construct that way. 

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12 days ago
Level 1

Ok can you maybe point me to a solution where many to many relations are possible? I use custom templates overides by the way and i prefer something i can use code in my templates if possible. I would love to programmaticaly use dynamic lists in my content items to relate content.


Can you explain a little bit more how this could look like?

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9 days ago
Level 2

Well, prob not easy to explain.

If need to use fieldx and groupx then you need to know the limitations and if they effect you.

I am developing a plugin that allows you to map data like user and usergroups 

you create a field, store your data, then additionally update the map table (for one to many) relationships i.e one teacher->many students.

One entry per student.

in the future could add fieldx and groupx to plugin.

You do not need to use map all the time, but there are times when you do.

If using fieldx and groups you would be best unpacking the data (using seblod methods) in beforestore and assigning it to a dummy field whicu the plugin refere to

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